January 30, 2009

West Wing Slippers

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I’ve been watching The West Wing on DVD, and doing some small projects here and there. I’m in a major de-stashing initiative, so anything I post for the next couple of weeks/months will be from oddball skeins of yarn, or leftovers.

This is another one of those patterns that uses both knitting and crochet, and again, I’ve added an alternate (non-crochet) option for the cuff. Image and pattern after the jump.

West Wing Slippers


  • 2 skeins of leftover worsted weight yarn (each sock uses less than 50 g total of yarn)
  • set of size 10 US (6 mm) DPNs
  • US size J (6 mm) crochet hook
  • Guage: 14 stitches x 20 rows = 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm)


    CO 12 stitches using the Figure 8 method (or something comparable) with both colors of yarn held together.

    Toe: Knit one row around, using two needles for the first side (three stitches on each needle) and one needle for the second side (six stitched). The two needles will eventually become the heel.

    Row 1: kfb, knit to last stitch on second needle, kfb; kfb, knit to last stitch on third needle, kfb.
    Row 2: knit around

    Repeat these two rows until there are 28 stitches total (7 on each of the front needles, 14 on the back).

    Body: knit around until your slipper is long enough to reach the front of your ankle bone when you try it on.

    Heel: (front two needles only)

    Row 1: knit to last stitch, turn, leaving the stitch untouched.
    Row 2: purl back to last stitch, turn, leaving the stitch untouched.
    Row 3: knit to last worked stitch, turn, now leaving two stitches unworked in this row.
    Row 4: purl back to last worked stitch, turn, again leaving two stitches unworked on this needle in this row.

    Repeat those two rows until there are five unworked stitches at each end (ten total).

    To finish turning the heel:
    Row 1: knit across, but this time knit one stitch that was unworked before you turn.
    Row 2: purl back, now purling one previously unworked stitch (you’ll now have 4 unworked stitches on each needle).

    Repeat these rows until all stitches are back in the game.

    Cuff: knit around twice, then tie off one color. Here’s where you can go with one of two options.

    Crochet method: BO stitches using sc with one color of yarn. Slip stitch to join. Ch. 2 and half-double crochet around. HDC for five rows. Finish off, weave in ends, and you’re done (except for the second slipper…)!

    Knitting method: Begin ribbing (k2p2) with one color. Continue ribbing until the cuff reaches the desired length. Bind off and weave in ends. If you want to be able to fold the cuff over, knit to twice the desired height, and then bind off loosely, with all knit stitches (basically, binding off out of pattern), so as to have enough give at the top to fold over.


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    1. Cute slipper pattern, thank you for sharing it.

      Comment by Amy P — February 27, 2009 @ 6:06 am

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